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Our Wines


Many wholesalers treat wine as an afterthought – an add-on sale often bought in from someone else. But we are wine specialists. We create our own brands, controlling the entire process from harvested grape to delivered bottle.

As we know exactly where our wines are being sold, we can make sure you do not have local competition.

Our wines are designed with quality in mind. Drinking wines which actually taste good makes such a difference to your customers’ pleasure, and really helps drive return visits.

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Our Ethics


We only deal with producers who share our ethics, and who run squeaky-clean, consistent operations. In poorer countries we always check, to the best of our ability, that vineyard workers are fairly treated and housed. We look for wineries which respect the vines and interfere with nature as little as possible. We generally ship full containers to minimise environmental impact.


All suppliers are paid on the due date. This means every door in the wine trade is open to us. Our staff are treated as we would wish to be treated. Nobody is paid the minimum wage. All customers, regardless of size, are treated with respect.


Wine & Us

Peter Graham Wines started trading out of a 15th century shop in Norwich's historic Elm Hill in 1997 before moving out of retail and into wholesaling. Now based just off the A11 we lead the field in the creation of effective, exciting wine lists for restaurants and hotels.


We do not sell direct to the public, and our wines are not available in shops. We don't sell beer or spirits. Instead we concentrate on what we are good at - increasing sales and profits for some of the best pubs, restaurants and hotels in the region.


Our service starts with the creation of a bespoke wine list designed to give your customers what they want. We produce the list, and train your staff.



“We recognise that ethical behaviour makes good business sense, and have enjoyed, since our earliest days, an immaculate reputation for integrity.” 

- Louisa Turner -

Unit 2, Gales Business Park, Ayton Road, Wymondham,
Norfolk NR18 0QQ

sales@petergrahamwines.com / Tel: 01953 601698

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