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FREE delivery on orders over £120

Charmat Sparkling Rosé, Flint Vineyard


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What's included:

6x Charmat Sparkling Rosé 2018

Style: Sparkling
Grape(s): Solaris, Reichenstiner, Cabernet Cortis and Rondo
Producer: Flint Vineyard
Region: Norfolk
Country: England

Suitable For: Vegans

This is a vibrantly coloured wine that is rich in cherries and fruits of the forest, making the perfect aperitif.

This Charmat has been a great success, being proclaimed as ‘The finest example of a Charmat method wine’ by Matthew Jukes, wine writer for the Daily Mail. It was the first of its kind in England and we believe it also to be the first English non-traditional method sparkling wine to receive an International medal.

The Charmat method involves a secondary fermentation in tank rather than bottle, similar to the method used in Prosecco. Secondary fermentation under pressure, creates carbon dioxide, which dissolves into the wine and gives it a natural fizz.  By fermenting in tank rather than bottle and releasing the wine earlier, a more fruit-driven and approachable style of wine is produced.